TRANSART | an assembly across species lines

It's curious how language moulds itself together and across the realities it designates: it can build and demolish wor[l]ds, all in a sudden.
Danish word ART[er] stands for the English one SPECIES. One word is enough for the human empire to fall apart: the Anthropocene is nothing but a boundary apocalypse-oriented event with-in the intriguing bordercrossing of evolutionary lines no longer fitting straight definitions and binary systematizations of life. The overwhelming amount of current experimentations conducted on the boundaries of bio-sciences, art and design proves that life itself is an artefact.

3D printers and robots, cyborgs and chimeras, molecules and gene pools, wearable technologies and medical miracles, synthetic life forms, artificial tissue and repair technniques.

Welcome home! Enjoy your transition!

That is the ground from where TRANSART (aka TRANSSPECIES) arises.
An assembly across species line, as the subtitle recites. The exhibition, curated by the Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology and hosted by Dome of Vision in Copenhagen, investigates the current involvements of contemporary art scene in environmental issues, climate crisis and multispecies assemblies emphasizing the importance of re-negotiating transspecies ethics, and developing new strategies for planetary care and recuperation across species lines.

Featuring new productions, as well as already existing works ranging from installation to sculpture, video and performance, TRANSART opens up a space of encounter, experience and discussion about "the ethical, philosophical and linguistic consequences of the uncountable interspecies enmeshments of economic, biological, semiotic, and - not least - emotional character."

TRANSART - an assembly across species lines

6 – 8 November 2015
Dome of Visions

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1016 Copenhagen, Denmark

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